AKTIVKey vehicle and rental asset management

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the sharing economy

vehicle and rental management telematics
booking, payment and analytics portal

intelligent adaptation
An end-to-end intelligent cloud service providing fleet operators with the tools and analytics needed to develop, build and maintain a high-performing vehicle fleet operation and achieve optimum efficiency, profitability, safety and security  

it makes sense

see more
know more
achieve more

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access without ownership

  • leading edge electronics
  • remote vehicle on/off

  • impact monitor

  • simple to install

  • fits all vehicles

  • vehicle shut-off after rental period
booking portal
  • paperless booking/billing
  • historical booking & vehicle logs
  • pay by use: min/hour/day
  • inter-branch vehicle transfer
  • match depreciation to use
portal based vehicle tracking, management and control analytics
installed electronics for vehicle management, booking, and billing
payment gateway
  • safe, flexible and secure
  • reduce internal admin
  • wide range of payment options
  • paperless and easy to audit
  • pre-authorised payments
  • vehicle and driver analytics
  • gps vehicle tracking & geofencing
  • auto email notifications
  • dashboards & reporting
  • impact sensor
integrated e-invoicing payment gateway, secure fast and safe
any-carrier cell network data for gps location, geofence, and telemetry

if you can't measure it, you can't manage it
if you can't manage it, you can't adapt it

make safer decisions

work smarter

forklifts - earthmovers - platforms - sweepers - cars - vans - goods vehicles

short term rental or long term lease

integrated booking, billing and telemetry

paperless billing and e-invoicing

offer your customers the opportunity to pay by use for their rental

auto billing to a cleared payment method (bank or card)

technicians' vans can be tracked so that your drivers and the van contents are always safe and secure; they can even be opened by the courier when the van is restocked overnight

business tax advantages for using company cars as a weekend rental potential

AKTIVKey can be installed any vehicle
about us

based in london, england, AKTIVKey is part of the FLEETRite Group;  specialising in material handling and industrial vehicles our teams operate in 3 continents

we work in the sharing economy and specialise in enabling collaborative consumption of capital assets

what does that mean?

we facilitate and make it easier, for asset owners and those seeking to use those assets, to buy, rent and sell services to each other

using technology that generates large amounts of data we help companies to make money from underused assets; physical assets are shared as services

we make transacting business easier

our dedicated team of experts can help you and your business collate, analyse and action conclusions drawn from your business operations and the vehicles within it, reducing your costs and increasing your profits

we apply the very latest in hardware technology and intergrate it with advanced software to provide smart systems

together these help you run your short and long term rentals business and give you unique insights and services that will help you beat your competition


combined with our technology is the ability to analyse how a vehicle is being driven

when a vehicle is involved in an accident we know

we know how fast how hard the driver braked how fast they accelerated

we know whether the driver is being productive and whether the vehicle use is efficient

in turn you see this data on the portal, or you can ask us to undertake a deeper analysis

this means even more added value to your business or the business of your customer

you'll attract more customers, and retain those you already have

from telematics, driver behaviour and billing by minute, to vehicle tracking, management and e-invoicing we have you covered

a paperless future awaits, an efficient and cost effective way to make sure you exceed all expectations

managing access

invest in the security of your business, its revenue and your capital assets
invest                        perform

advantages for you
your business
your customers

- data access to vehicle status and location
- rental analytics – manage utilisation
- transfer vehicles between branches
- branded portal and web access point
- automatic payment - authorised prior to use
- paperless booking, billing, and e-invoicing
- str customer database

rental fleet
- electronic booking and rental scheduling
- web based rental vehicle database
- remote vehicle disable/enable
- historical booking and vehicle information
- reduced human error
- vehicle shut-off after rental expiry
- gps vehicle security, geofencing and tracking
- smart vehicle connectivity
- automatic equipment maintenance alert
- impact monitoring and damage reporting
- e-mail notifications
- monitor driver behaviour
- match depreciation to use
- monitor actual hours used
- pay by use, by the minute, hour or day
- charge directly to:
     credit-card, bank account, or cost centre
- customer self-booking and rental
- tap and go for quick access
- paperless booking an invoicing

beppe rubino
tel: +44 (0) 7542 63 07 53

jamie ward
tel: +44 (0) 7786 85 84 53
contact us

for further information and advice on how AKTIVKey can help you and your business use the @ button below to email us directly:

t/a FLEETRite Ltd
Plaza Level
Bank Building
Smithson Plaza
23-26 St James's Street
London, SW1A 1HA
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 729 0799
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